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Blackberry x EcoFlow Discounts (EU)

Instructions to use EcoFlow Discounts:

1. Subscribe to with your staff email account (e.g. from the subscription box at footer.

Subscription to EcoFlow newsletter is required to access the coupons.

Email Subscription Box


2. You will receive an email after subscription to confirm your access to EcoFlow Discounts. 

You may check the eligible products at  

Coupon Email


3. Apply the coupon codes during checkout on to use the discounts.

How to use coupon

Things to know before using EcoFlow Discounts:

1. Coupons only be applied to purchases on

2. You may not combine the coupons with other offers or promotions. You can only apply one coupon to an orderEach coupon can be used once only. The coupons will be expired by 31st Dec, 2023

3. Discount percentage and availability are subject to change. Please refer to this page for the latest updates. 

4. If you have further questions regarding EU EcoFlow Discounts, please contact our support at