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EcoFlow Smart Auto Battery Maintainer

EcoFlow Smart Auto Battery Maintainer

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- Ignite your car battery during winter or when it's low without causing damage.
- Extend your battery's life with routine charges.
- Features 5 intelligent controls with automatic adjustments.
- The ideal partner for the RIVER and DELTA Series.
- Compatible with both 12V and 24V vehicle batteries.
- Equipped with reverse connection prevention.

Product Name: EcoFlow Smart Auto Battery Maintainer
12V Input: 11-15V -- 7.25V
XT60 Output: 14.2V == 6.2A or 28.2V == 3.2A
Weight: 103 g
Dimension: 128 × 72 × 26 mm

What's in the box
EcoFlow Smart Auto Battery Maintainer × 1
XT60 to battery clips cable × 1
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All-in-one 12/24V car battery charger and maintainer

Pair it with the RIVER or DELTA Series to ignite your car battery. Additionally, use them for daily battery maintenance, extending their lifespan using our safe and battery-friendly charging technology. Suitable for most cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles with a 12/24V switch mode, ensuring coverage in both winter and summer.

Charge your battery using 5-stage pulse repair charging technology

Using high-current devices like jump starters during power surges can damage your car battery. EcoFlow Smart Auto Battery Maintainer, with its five-stage pulse repair charging technology, ensures safe charging and igniting of the battery. Keep an EcoFlow Smart Auto Battery Maintainer on hand for emergencies and routine maintenance.

* Avoid charging non-rechargeable or already damaged batteries.
* Refrain from starting the vehicle during the battery recharging process.

Safeguard and power your car battery daily and in emergencies

Reliable ignition even in winter chills

Frigid conditions can challenge engine startup; ensure smooth ignition every time.

Emergency boost for drained batteries

A depleted car battery can be problematic, especially in remote locations. EcoFlow Smart Auto Battery Maintainer offers the perfect solution.

Maintain battery by regular charging

Charging in every 2-3 months to extend your battery's lifespan.

Worry-free charging through intelligent automatic control

Benefit from our advanced system that intuitively adjusts current and voltage, ensuring your battery is charged safely without any risk of overcharging.

12/24V switchable design

Effortlessly toggle between 12V and 24V to cater to different vehicle models. Thoughtfully positioned under the charger head, the switch button avoids unintended switches during use.

*Charging spans roughly 20 minutes for 12V vehicles and about 40 minutes for 24V ones.

Clear battery insight with smart indicators

Gain a comprehensive view of your car battery's charge status with the EcoFlow Smart Auto Battery Maintainer's intuitive indicator lights.

*Should any alerts arise, promptly unplug the charger.

Polarity protection with a warning indicator

A safety feature will halt charging if the battery clips are connected in reverse. A red warning light will glow, ensuring your battery remains safeguarded.

Compact and user-friendly

Designed to fit in the palm of your hand, this device is lighter than an apple and occupies minimal space. It's a seamless plug-and-play experience, making it an ideal companion for EcoFlow's portable power stations, including the RIVER and DELTA Series.

*Only compatible with EcoFlow portable power stations.
*The package includes an XT60-to-battery clip cable.

Product Details

What's in the box

EcoFlow Smart Auto Battery Maintainer × 1

XT60 to battery clips cable × 1


Product Name

EcoFlow Smart Auto Battery Maintainer

12V Input

11-15V -- 7.25V

XT60 Output

14.2V == 6.2A or 28.2V == 3.2A


103 g


128 × 72 × 26 mm


1. Avoid sparks near the battery while charging and ensure good airflow around the area.
2. Suppose the car battery's voltage drops too low. In that case, the maintainer's safety feature might activate, causing it not to work as expected. If this occurs, reach out to emergency support for assistance.

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