EcoFlow opens its first flagship store in Europe in Switzerland – EcoFlow Europe EcoFlow opens its first flagship store in Europe in Switzerland - EcoFlow Europe

EcoFlow Europe

Renewable Energy for All EcoFlow opens its first flagship store in Europe in Switzerland

EcoFlow opens its first flagship store in Europe in Switzerland


  • EcoFlow's first European flagship store: In-person consultation, service, and collaboration with installers.
  • Hoelzle: Local partner in Switzerland. Technical support, hotline, and proximity to customers ensure all questions are answered.
  • Simple energy independence: Modular home storage solar systems and portable power storage pave the way for a renewable energy future.


Zurich/Dietikon, December 15, 2023: EcoFlow is making its mark in Switzerland. The leading company in renewable energy storage solutions opens its first flagship store in Europe in Dietikon on December 15, 2023. Swiss partner company Hoelzle takes charge of shop management, on-site distribution, and all service-related tasks.


EcoFlow is renowned for its environmentally friendly energy solutions, offering a variety of energy products for home, outdoor, and on-the-go use with the vision of creating a more sustainable world. With its latest solar power system with storage, EcoFlow PowerOcean DC Fit, the company takes on a pioneering role, expanding into the field of PV home storage for households. The company also sets new standards with a 15-year warranty for home storage solutions and battery elements. Users gain control over their energy consumption and costs thanks to the energy storage system. "The Swiss market holds enormous potential. According to the EDA, Switzerland consumes around 810,000 terajoules of energy per year and is 70% dependent on foreign electricity. We want to provide environmentally conscious Swiss citizens with the desired energy independence. EcoFlow can do just that, easily and suitable for every household," says Ryan Xing, Head of Europe at EcoFlow.


Expert advice on-site Under the leadership of Swiss electronics wholesaler Hoelzle, EcoFlow's flagship store focuses on comprehensive consultation regarding home storage solutions. "Through our close partnership with EcoFlow and our extensive experience in the electronics sector, we offer autonomy enthusiasts competent advice tailored to personal needs," says Damir Veljaca, Head of the newly established Soltark. The sale of home storage solutions does not take place in the store but is coordinated with local electrical installers. For portable storage solutions, however, there is the option to purchase them directly in the store or through the online shop.


Revolutionary, time-saving, and cost-effective

In early 2024, EcoFlow will launch its latest product, the EcoFlow PowerOcean DC Fit. The company presents a straightforward PV-coupled retrofit battery solution. Through its unique PV coupling technology, it enables a direct connection between the battery and the existing solar system on the PV side. This innovative approach eliminates the need for an additional inverter, simplifies the installation process, saves time, and maximizes the efficiency of existing solar systems. With the capacity to seamlessly integrate up to 15 kWh of battery storage, the PowerOcean DC Fit provides a simple and cost-effective way to achieve energy autonomy.


Holistic sustainable energy solution for homes

This fall, the company launched the EcoFlow PowerOcean, a 3-phase solar battery solution with a flexible initial investment starting from 5 kWh, expandable at any time up to 45 kWh. This product is designed to ensure energy independence for the entire home and is adaptable to individual power needs at any time through battery expansion. With PowerOcean, EcoFlow accelerates a future where families can proactively address climate-related challenges, aging infrastructure, and rising energy costs with reliable and sustainable energy solutions.





PRfact AG Ana Marjanovic


EcoFlow Magda Teresa Partyka Communications Manager, Europe


HOELZLE AG Damir Veljaca Head of Soltark


About EcoFlow EcoFlow is a leading company in environmentally friendly energy solutions with the vision of creating a new world. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has aimed to become a reliable and trusted energy companion for individuals and families worldwide, providing accessible and renewable energy solutions for homes, outdoors, and mobile spaces. Today, EcoFlow has its headquarters in the USA, Germany, and Japan, and has already supplied power to more than 2.5 million users in over 100 markets worldwide. EcoFlow products are available in all 44 countries and regions in Europe, supported by a network of over 800 local retailers.

For more information about the products, visit:


For those in Switzerland seeking a specialist in vehicle electronics, Hoelzle is the right address. Founded in 1951 by Richard and Ella Hölzle, taken over in 1988 by son-in-law Robert Baumann-Hölzle, and now led by Simon Baumann in the third generation, Hoelzle can look back on over 70 successful years. With a well-coordinated team and an automated AutoStore warehouse in Bubikon, where thousands of the most commonly used vehicle electronic parts are ready, the motto is: "ordered today, delivered tomorrow." True to the slogan "Contact with the future," customer proximity and continuous innovation determine the company mentality. Ten technically skilled field sales representatives are on the road throughout Switzerland, serving over 6,500 customers.

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