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  • Up to €1120 Savings
  • Refurbished and Rigourously Tested

  • Like-new products with guaranteed savings
Refurbished RIVER Series Refurbished RIVER Series
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Refurbished DELTA Series Refurbished DELTA Series
1260Wh | 1800W Output
1024Wh | 1800W Output
3600Wh-25kWh | 3600W Output
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Refurbished Smart Devices Refurbished Smart Devices
5100 BTU Fast Cooling | 6100 BTU Fast Heating
Cutting Width: 260 mm | Working Time: 240 min
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Refurbished Extra Batteries Refurbished Extra Batteries
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Refurbished Solar Panels Refurbished Solar Panels
23% Conversion Rate | IP68
22% Conversion Rate | IP68
23% Conversion Rate | IP68
23% Conversion Rate | IP68
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Why Refurbished Products? Why Refurbished Products?
Rigorously tested by our expertly trained engineers, refurbished EcoFlow units offer you a like-new portable power station experience with a two-year warranty and significant savings.
Rigorously tested by our expertly trained engineers, refurbished EcoFlow units offer you a like-new portable power station experience with a two-year warranty and significant savings.
Just Like-new
Just Like-new Just Like-new

To become a reconditioned model, each EcoFlow unit goes through the same extensive testing and reviews that our new machines do, guaranteeing out-of-the-box EcoFlow quality but with a generous price cut.

Expertly Assessed
Expertly Assessed

EcoFlow engineers follow a strict pre-sale testing and maintenance procedure. Where necessary we rebuild using genuine components, ensuring a like-new condition.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind
Guaranteed Peace of Mind

All restored units come with the same two-year warranty.
An EcoFlow warranty guarantees a refund, repair, or replacement of a product when there is a major component failure.

View our full warranty details

Free Shipping
Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on all refurbished items to most EU countries, plus after-sales support, so if you have any questions, please contact

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Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is a refurbished EcoFlow product?

An EcoFlow reconditioned product is a preowned unit returned by a customer.
Every machine undergoes rigorous testing and maintenance procedures by EcoFlow engineers to ensure a like-new condition.

2. How are the units refurbished?

EcoFlow has a comprehensive inspection checklist for all returned products so that all units are meticulously tested. An EcoFlow engineer will inspect a unit, replace any essential parts, and complete a final review to ensure the product reaches the EcoFlow standard of quality for resale.

3. How many battery cycles have refurbished products used?

On average, our refurbished products are only used around 10 cycles. This means that they've only been charged and discharged fully a total of 10 times. Since many of our newer products (DELTA Pro, RIVER 2/DELTA 2 Series) have cycle lives of 3000+, this is only a tiny fraction of their lifespan.

4. How are units and accessories packaged?

Reconditioned units include all cables and accessories, but packing them in original boxes may not always be possible.

5. What about cosmetic imperfections?

Revamped items may show signs of cosmetic imperfections, such as minor scratches and wear that do not affect functionality.

6. Does a refurbished unit come with a warranty?

Yes, all restored units come with the same two-year warranty (three-year for Spanish customer).

7. Can I return a refurbished unit?

Refurbished machines are final sale and can only be returned within 30 days of purchase if there is a manufacturing fault that prevents the machine from functioning correctly (does not include cosmetic or design flaws).

View our full returns policy

8. What should I expect when I buy a reconditioned EcoFlow unit?

· Make significant savings, and pay in affordable installments using Klarna.
· You’ll receive a fully-working unit that has undergone the same rigorous testing as a new product.
· Refurbished units include a standard two-year warranty, high-quality support, returns, and free shipping.

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