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EcoCredits Day
Sale is Now On!.

Earn double EcoCredits for every €1
you spend.

Ends 10 April.

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DELTA Pro Portable Power Station

3.6kWh-25kWh Capacity | 3600W Output

€3.399 €3.599

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220W Bifacial Portable Solar Panel

23% Conversion Rate | IP68

€449 €499

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DELTA 2 + 220W Portable Solar Panel

1kWh Capacity | full-charged in 3-6 hours

€1.648 €1.698

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RIVER 2 Pro + 220W Portable Solar Panel

768Wh Capacity | 4.5 hours the fastest solar-charging speed

€1.148 €1.298

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DELTA Pro + 400W Portable Solar Panel

3.6kWh Capacity | full-charged in 3.5-7 hours

€4.398 €4.548

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DELTA Pro + DELTA Pro Smart Extra Battery

Expandable Capacity 7.2KWh | World's Fastest Charging

€5.698 €6.098

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What is EcoCredits Programme?

EcoCredits Programme: The Ultimate EcoFlow Experience

The EcoCredits rewards programme is set up by EcoFlow as a way to give back to every EcoFlow lover. We offer the ultimate benefits, excellent services, and latest updates to our members. Being an EcoCredits member, you are on top of the latest power trends and invited to a variety of special events.

Ultimate Benefits

Earn EcoCredits and exchange for exclusive rewards every time you shop

- Earn EcoCredits for every purchase
- Redeem EcoCredits for discounts
- Redeem EcoCredits for gifts

Excellent Service

Quality shopping experience

- Dependable warranty services
- Convenient warranty registration
- Support within 24 hours (chat & email)

Latest Updates

Be the first to get EcoFlow news and product information

- Early access to new products and product testing
- Member's offline events
- Community discussions

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How to earn
even more

Register to earn 500 EcoCredits

Shop to earn, every €1 spent = 1 EcoCredit

Earn up to 1,000 EcoCredits for registering a product.

Earn up to 1000 EcoCredits for completing your profile

Add your Birthday to earn 200 EcoCredits

How to use EcoCredits?

Redeem for coupons, every €1 spent = 20 EcoCredits

Redeem for gifts

Redeem for invitations to fan events

Register and stay tuned for EcoCredits Day!

Collect double EcoCredits on every order.
Redeem for coupons and gifts.
Get the chance to join product tests and win free new products.


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